Friday, March 15, 2013

Enterprise File Sharing Challenges?

Syncplicity breaks down barriers of File Sharing and Large Attachments in the enterprise. Streamline information access to help teams collaborate, whilst making corporate information sharing more secure. Syncplicity is the only online file sync and sharing solution designed for enterprise scale with the simplicity of the best mobile apps.

Available as-a-service for small to medium business or as an on-premise solution to be deployed for large enterprise.

Allow users to work the way they want.
Automated file sync and backup features, one-click file sharing, and access to files online and offline across multiple devices, platforms and cloud applications.
Enhance control and protection of corporate data assets, with the ability to set, monitor and manage file access and sharing policies to secure corporate data.
With no hardware required and a one time set up that happens in minutes, Syncplicity is fully equipped to usher your organization into a new age of file management.

Solve your mobile access challenge

Say yes to BYOD and the devices your users demand. Say yes to file sharing and collaboration. Say yes to Syncplicity, true file sync, that puts the right content everywhere it belongs, from desktops to laptops to mobile devices, with complete enterprise visibility and governance.

The IT tools and visibility you need

Smart policies and intuitive tools make it easy to secure, protect, and deploy enterprise-wide file sharing. Inside or outside the firewall with complete transparency and control.

Reduce risk and maintain compliance

Syncplicity understands the range of requirements our customers face and how to match our product to your security architecture. Choose a full cloud-based deployment or keep the storage layer on-premise for complete control.


Frictionless User Experience

Get a complete solution for file sync and sharing that users will love.
  • No extra steps— save files and access them anywhere
  • Access files online or offline from your mobile device of choice
  • Share files with just a click

Industry-Leading IT Security and Controls

Syncplicity gives IT all the features and tools they need to secure, protect, deploy, support and monitor file sync and sharing throughout their business.
  • Use Active Directory or SAML-based authentication
  • Set policies for sharing and file retention
  • Deploy at scale
  • Manage accounts and devices
  • Gain visibility with usage and audit reports

Storage Flexibility and Compliance

Gain ultimate control over file storage by choosing cloud or on premise storage.
  • Syncplicity cloud storage utilizes SSAE-16 SOC2 audited data centers and features 99.999999999% data resiliency
  • Choose to store files "on premise" with EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS or EMC Atmos Object Storage (Enterprise Edition Only)— Your files never reside within our data centers

    Compliments of EMC Corporation.

“With Syncplicity, we finally have a solution that solves all the headaches of managing, sharing, backing up and syncing files. And we’ve reduced our infrastructure costs by 65% and reduced support tickets 75%.”
Brandon Gage