Saturday, December 6, 2014

Predictions looking forward to 2015 and beyond...

1. Software Changes Everything

Today's reality is that software changes everything.

We live in a world where organizations such as Uber, have completely transformed an entire industry, car hire and taxi services. Uber owns no cars, no drivers, yet disrupted the status quo. In months, redefining an entire industry, on a global scale.

Uber exists simply as software, a smart phone application that connects Rider to Driver, where and when they need, in a way that is safer and more convenient.

Drivers and Riders give feedback on each other, weeding out poor drivers and terrible passengers. Payments are all electronic, Drivers need not fear being robbed for sums of cash from the days earnings.

Routes are mapped from pickup to destination. Ensuring to some degree that drivers are kept honest in their choice of route. Spotify, gives Riders their music in their own private ride. Now that's disruptive innovation... and it's all software.

2. The Shared Economy

The shared economy reality effects not only business, but the individual. Just like the move to Cloud services brings utility to computing. Personal services like cars, bicycles, music, movies, tv & insurance, become a commodity where by the user pays, where and when they want, for exactly what they use.

3. Cloud Services: Everything-as-a-Service (EaaS)

Organizations are moving to realign business models, with the reality that IT need not exist as a Capital Expenditure and can rather be delivered as a utility service on-demand, just the same as electricity or water.

Validated in the models of Cloud giants: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and VMware vCloud.

This realignment results in smaller organisations questioning the need for traditional IT all together and larger organisations realigning IT to become a incubator of business innovation, to focus on new and disruptive strategies for competitive advantage.

4. Demise of the "traditional" players

As everything moves to as-a-Service models, the traditional providers of infrastructure are being disrupted. A tsunami of change is already sweeping through the IT industry, with long established players moving rapidly to dump traditional infrastructure portfolios and realign their business to deliver as-a-Service. Effects will be felt across all industries, as disruptive innovation ripples through each industry in waves.

5. Rise of the Start-ups

As software enables rapid and disruptive innovation... new agile players enter the market. Not just in IT, but all industry categories. With this comes acquisitions, as the well financed traditional players seek to adapt & innovate through acquisition rather than internal development. The reality is, it is far easier to innovate from outside the confines of "traditional thinking".

Disruptive innovation is being lead by agility and ability to cut cost... Do more with less. Greater efficiency.

Go bravely...

It will be a challenging year ahead, as organizations across the globe grapple to ride the waves of disruptive innovation.

The good news is, it is the individual who stands to gain the most. As services become more tailored and customer centric in order to stay relevant. Each and every individual, stands to gain from a greater overall experience in everything they do.

So let's raise a glass to disruptive innovation! As we straddle our surf boards for the waves of change ahead. It's going to be a big year!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Introducing VNXe3200, VNX DARE and VSPEX


  • New VNXe3200 shatters the simplicity and efficiency of entry-level storage – supporting 3X the number of virtual machines as the previous generation VNXe in the same small footprint.
  • EMC announces ‘Project Liberty’, previews future virtualized storage software based on VNX that leverages the functionality and user experience of VNX, while uniquely delivering new levels of freedom to deploy applications with cloud-like agility in a software-defined data center.
  • EMC adds Data-At-Rest-Encryption – EMC D@RE – to the VNX Series, providing the capability to encrypt data written to disk and eliminate data access from unauthorized drive removal.

VNXe3200 - Shrinks your storage, whilst delivering greater performance!

Introducing the EMC VNXe3200 Virtual Machine Platform - Shrinks your storage, whilst delivering greater performance!
The VNXe3200 is 3X more efficient than previous VNXe solutions, based on the next generation VNX series that was launched in September 2013. Powered by EMC MCx (Multicore optimization) and EMC FAST (Fully-Automated Storage Tiering) software, the new VNXe is designed to unleash the power of Flash.
Accelerating virtual applications and file performance by 3X compared to its predecessor in the same small 2RU footprint per 25 drives. The VNXe3200 supports unified protocols – iSCSI, Fibre Channel, NFS and CIFS for File Shares or Network Drives.
It builds upon the simplicity & ease-of-use the VNXe is known for, from setup wizards to management via your native Windows MMC Console Control Panel, Hypervisor interface like vSphere / HyperV console.
By leveraging MCx and the FAST Suite, the new VNXe system exceeds previous VNXe solutions in power, efficiency, and ease-of-use. The VNXe technology highlights include:
  • Turbocharging mixed workloads by supporting 3X more virtual machines, 3X more virtual desktops, 3X more Microsoft SQL transactions and 3X more Exchange mailboxes.
  • Simplified management with the ability to setup NAS or SAN in under 15 minutes with EMC Unisphere®. Users can also manage and deploy Microsoft applications 3X faster. There is also a new “get help anywhere” support feature through EMC Connect Proactive Support, as well as “set it and forget it” functionality through automated tiering with FAST, eliminating the need for manual performance tuning.
  • More power in a small and efficient footprint. The new VNXe system supports hundreds of virtual machines and virtual desktops in just a 2U configuration. It reduces capacity requirements by up to 50% with thin provisioning and file deduplication, and leverages space-efficient snapshot technology to easily create copies of production data directly from Unisphere.
The VNXe3200 is also available in new VSPEX Proven Infrastructures, which delivers up to 125 virtual machines and 500 virtual desktops in a VNXe3200. These new VSPEX solutions can store up to 2,000 Exchange mailboxes and over 20,000 SharePoint users.
The VNXe3200, which starts at under US$12k, will be available in the second quarter of 2014 primarily through EMC’s global channel partners. The VNXe3200 is supported by the EMC Business Partner Program, which offers a complete set of partner-ready collateral, Express Solution bundles, and VSPEX reference architectures for simplified ordering, selling, and support.
EMC Unveils ‘Project Liberty’
Today EMC also announced ‘Project Liberty’, virtualized storage software that is based on the industry-leading VNX Family. Project Liberty leverages the rich data services and ease-of management that VNX provides today, and offers this in a variety of flexible deployment models, whether on a virtual server or in a hybrid cloud for example, to meet varied and changing workloads and service levels.
To address increasingly shorter development cycles, IT must deliver a way to enable rapid application prototyping for quicker time to market.  One use case for Project Liberty will be to empower IT to spin up several virtual array instances quickly, at a moment’s notice, to speed development of new applications such as test and development. Project Liberty will enable these new applications to be seamlessly deployed on physical VNX storage systems with higher service levels – all while enjoying a consistent management and rich user experience.
These applications could reside anywhere – whether it’s remote office, central office, or in a cloud. With Project Liberty, customers will benefit from the agility and efficiency of a hybrid cloud. 
Redefining Security in the Midrange
In addition, today EMC also announced Data-At-Rest-Encryption for VNX – VNX D@RE. Since the introduction of the new VNX, customers are now consolidating more and more critical data on a single VNX, making security a higher priority. This is particularly true in industries such as healthcare, financial services and federal and state governments that require more control over sensitive information from increased unauthorized data access. VNX Data-At-Rest-Encryption (D@RE), is expected to be available on the new VNX Series as a non-disruptive software upgrade in the third quarter of 2014. It is designed to help customers protect data written to disk to eliminate data access from unauthorized drive removal, VNX D@RE uses controller-based encryption, which provides the flexibility to support any drive type, speed and capacity.
Customer Quote
Brandon Robinson, Executive Director of Network Services, Aces Power
“The VNXe allows us to leverage industry-leading technology at an affordable price point. The VNXe3200 has improved our efficiency while improving our performance, allowing us to meet internal service level agreements. With the VNXe, we can easily scale our infrastructure as our business grows, or offer new services that our company can provide.”
EMC Executive Quote
Jeff Boudreau, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise and Midrange Systems Division, EMC Corporation
“We are thrilled with the market response to our new VNX– which has become a mixed workload workhouse for thousands of companies globally. Today, we’ve delivered on our ongoing commitment to our partners and customers to extend key enterprise capabilities, like FAST, MCx, and D@RE, to our entry level and midrange platforms – enabling our customers to further stretch their IT dollar and protect their investments.  We’re especially excited about Project Liberty, which will give our customers more agility as they transition to hybrid cloud deployments, while still enjoying the same consistent VNX user experience.”
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Friday, April 4, 2014

Redefine Data Protection for a Software-Defined World

Today EMC announced new products and technologies that address the full continuum of data protection requirements facing users, both today and as they address the challenge of transitioning to software-defined data centers.

In software-defined data centers, infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a service. To maintain effective protection during the transition to next generation environments, data protection strategies and technologies must also evolve to a service-based delivery model.

EMC's data protection solutions span the full range of customers' data protection needs, from archive to continuous availability for physical, virtual and cloud environments. With today's announcement, EMC adds new integrations with primary and protection storage platforms, and with hypervisors and enterprise applications, while extending support for cloud environments and delivering new technologies that enable data protection-as-a-service delivery. These innovations drive new efficiencies into customer environments today, while laying a foundation that helps EMC customers move confidently to software-defined data centers.

Evolution of the EMC Data Protection Suite
The EMC Data Protection Suite redefines the usage model for data protection software by enabling flexible application of integrated products to optimize both on-premise and cloud-based backup and archive environments as they evolve. The Data Protection Suite consists of EMC's Avamar, NetWorker, Data Protection Advisor, Mozy and SourceOne software offerings. With this significant release of the Data Protection Suite, new capabilities include:
  • Snapshot Management for EMC Isilon, EMC VNX and NetApp arrays to improve protection for NAS-based data.
  • Deep support for VMware and Microsoft cloud infrastructures via unique integration with VMware vCloud Suite and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager.
  • Full integration between Avamar and Data Domain provides the best that both platforms can offer.
  • Enhanced security features and new Linux support for Mozy public clouds enable greater adoption by enterprise customers.


New Protection Storage Capabilities

With the introduction of a new EMC Data Domain Operating System™, EMC continues to evolve Data Domain's position as the industry's de-facto open protection storage platform, with capabilities that extend its support far beyond just backup to establish it as a cornerstone for enabling delivery of data protection as-a-service. New capabilities include:
  • The introduction of Data Domain DD Boost™ for Enterprise Applications, which empowers application admins to protect their own environments and includes support for Oracle, SAP ® solutions, the SAP HANA ® platform, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • New secure multi-tenancy feature for cloud deployments enables Data Domain systems to deliver secure isolation for large enterprises and service providers and effectively function as a protection storage platform in data protection as-a-service deployments.
  • Archive storage enhancements include support for 1 billion files, further broadening Data Domain systems' supported use cases.


  VPLEX and RecoverPoint Software Releases

Through new software releases from the EMC VPLEX and EMC RecoverPoint product lines, EMC accentuates its unique ability to address the full continuum of data protection needs, offering continuous availability, mobility and disaster recovery for more environments and multi-site configurations:
  • VPLEX and RecoverPoint now combine to deliver MetroPoint topology, an industry-unique 3 site business continuity capability for mission critical applications. MetroPoint topology combines VPLEX Metro continuous availability with RecoverPoint remote replication and continuous data protection (CDP) to efficiently deliver comprehensive operational and disaster recovery over any distance.
  • EMC also introduces a new product, VPLEX Virtual Edition - the industry's first virtualized solution to market that offers both continuous availability and data mobility in a low-cost, 100% software deployment. With VPLEX Virtual Edition, EMC extends the market for continuous availability and mobility as customers of all sizes can now take advantage of proven VPLEX technology. VPLEX Virtual Edition will also be made available as part of VSPEX Proven Infrastructure solutions.

Analyst Quote

Enterprise Strategy Group - Jason Buffington, Senior Analyst
“Taken in sum, these comprehensive product announcements reflect EMC's ability to address the full spectrum of data protection needs in customer environments. Delivery of data protection as-a-service, together with the ability to solve for the full ‘continuum' of protection requirements and consolidate workloads to a single protection storage platform, presents strong underpinnings for EMC's long-range vision for data protection in next generation IT environments.”

Customer Quote

B NY Mellon - Swamy Kocherlakota, Global Head of Infrastructure Architecture and Engineering
“Complexity around data protection in the enterprise is increasing, especially in light of the advancements for private, public and hybrid cloud implementation patterns. Successfully architecting and delivering an effective enterprise data protection infrastructure requires an end-to-end view of the enabling underlying infrastructure components with out-of-the-box integration, automation where possible. EMC is uniquely positioned to deliver the vision to the needs of large enterprises like BNY Mellon.”

Partner Quote

VMware - Sanjay Katyal, Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances
“With innovations such as advanced support for VMware vCloud Suite and a new virtual edition of VPLEX, EMC's data protection solutions are advancing the protection of cloud infrastructures and aligning closely to VMware's cloud management vision and pathway to the software-defined enterprise.”

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