Saturday, December 6, 2014

Predictions looking forward to 2015 and beyond...

1. Software Changes Everything

Today's reality is that software changes everything.

We live in a world where organizations such as Uber, have completely transformed an entire industry, car hire and taxi services. Uber owns no cars, no drivers, yet disrupted the status quo. In months, redefining an entire industry, on a global scale.

Uber exists simply as software, a smart phone application that connects Rider to Driver, where and when they need, in a way that is safer and more convenient.

Drivers and Riders give feedback on each other, weeding out poor drivers and terrible passengers. Payments are all electronic, Drivers need not fear being robbed for sums of cash from the days earnings.

Routes are mapped from pickup to destination. Ensuring to some degree that drivers are kept honest in their choice of route. Spotify, gives Riders their music in their own private ride. Now that's disruptive innovation... and it's all software.

2. The Shared Economy

The shared economy reality effects not only business, but the individual. Just like the move to Cloud services brings utility to computing. Personal services like cars, bicycles, music, movies, tv & insurance, become a commodity where by the user pays, where and when they want, for exactly what they use.

3. Cloud Services: Everything-as-a-Service (EaaS)

Organizations are moving to realign business models, with the reality that IT need not exist as a Capital Expenditure and can rather be delivered as a utility service on-demand, just the same as electricity or water.

Validated in the models of Cloud giants: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and VMware vCloud.

This realignment results in smaller organisations questioning the need for traditional IT all together and larger organisations realigning IT to become a incubator of business innovation, to focus on new and disruptive strategies for competitive advantage.

4. Demise of the "traditional" players

As everything moves to as-a-Service models, the traditional providers of infrastructure are being disrupted. A tsunami of change is already sweeping through the IT industry, with long established players moving rapidly to dump traditional infrastructure portfolios and realign their business to deliver as-a-Service. Effects will be felt across all industries, as disruptive innovation ripples through each industry in waves.

5. Rise of the Start-ups

As software enables rapid and disruptive innovation... new agile players enter the market. Not just in IT, but all industry categories. With this comes acquisitions, as the well financed traditional players seek to adapt & innovate through acquisition rather than internal development. The reality is, it is far easier to innovate from outside the confines of "traditional thinking".

Disruptive innovation is being lead by agility and ability to cut cost... Do more with less. Greater efficiency.

Go bravely...

It will be a challenging year ahead, as organizations across the globe grapple to ride the waves of disruptive innovation.

The good news is, it is the individual who stands to gain the most. As services become more tailored and customer centric in order to stay relevant. Each and every individual, stands to gain from a greater overall experience in everything they do.

So let's raise a glass to disruptive innovation! As we straddle our surf boards for the waves of change ahead. It's going to be a big year!