Friday, March 6, 2015

Redefine the Branch Office!

Remember the days of Nokia phones, now called "Bricks"? Today everyone has moved to a SmartPhone, you wouldn't be caught dead using brick!

Time has come for the Branch Office Server. Today is the day that the "brick" server can be tossed aside, replace by a SmartServer that has all the features you'd expect from your iPhone or Android.

  • Converge: It's all-in-one, Server, Network, Storage & Hypervisor.
  • Deploy: Just like on your iPhone, go to the Apps Store (VM templates or private catalogue), download a new application. Boots in minutes, due to our patented BlockStream technology. Transferring only the active data you need to get up & running immediately.
    7min to cold boot a 40GB file server over the WAN, transferring only 322MB!
  • Sync: Just like your iPhone, everything is sync’d to the Cloud (Apps, VMs, Databases, Documents, Files, Photos, Music, Contacts, Mail). If you lose your device, simply re-sync to a new one. – No data loss. Continuous operations.
  • Backup: If you accidentally delete a file or experienced any form of data loss, you can always go back to the Data Center and recover a file or whole VM, either to the same device or with-in the Data Center.
    Centralize data protection, do-away with backup software & tapes in your Branch Offices. Shrink backup windows from 24 hours to minutes.
  • Secure: Just like on iPhone... Everything can be securely encrypted on the device with D@RE and uses SSL to transfer data between sites. – Governments and Off-shore firms are loving the protection against potential loss of Confidential Data, IP and Corporate Espionage.

Use cases:
  • Domain Controller
  • File Server
  • Router
  • Firewall
  • Print Server
  • CCTV
  • CAD
  • PACS
  • HIS
  • SAP
  • SQL
  • VDI
  • VMs

All managed centrally with the same Data Center tools, like VMware vCenter, that you've spent years investing in for Virtualization, Storage & Backup.

Compatible with almost any vendors storage & backup. Including EMC, Netapp, IBM, HP, HDS, Pure, Nimble, Dell, even third-party VSANs like FreeNAS!

You only need allocate low cost secondary NL-SAS at the Data Center, which is deduplicated over the wire and at the Data Center.

SteelFusion – Converge. Deploy. Sync. Backup. Secure.