Monday, January 18, 2016

Redefine the Branch Office! - Going deeper into the rabbit hole...

When we last looked at how Riverbed is helping Redefine the Branch Office, we concentrated on core capabilities: Converge, Deploy, Sync, Backup, Secure.

Today, we are going deeper into the rabbit hole, to talk about: Optimization, Path Selection, Quality of Service (QOS) and VPN.

Some of the underlying technologies that make SteelFusion truely unique.

Optimize: SteelFusion integrates SteelHead, the proven WAN Optimization technology of Riverbed. This results in dramatic reduction of replicated data, on average around 70-80%. But that's only half the story. Any customer familiar with SteelHead will know it has dramatic effects on your WAN or Internet based traffic. On average, doubling your effective bandwidth. Resulting in branch offices where applications are more responsive and workers are more productive.

Here is a quick example of how SteelHead effects the performance of CIFS file transfers and SharePoint over the WAN.

Path Selection: Allows you to choose your path to the Cloud, be that Private MPLS, Public Internet or a Hybrid.

With Layer 7 application policies, you can Load Balance multiple WAN and Internet links. For example, you might choose to send SAP & Oracle traffic over the WAN and Facebook, YouTube & other Internet traffic via a cheap local broadband connection. Not to mention it will split stream YouTube and Webex traffic, so only one connection is required to download that content to your branch office, from which it is then cast to multiple users. Reducing expensive WAN bandwidth.

Should the WAN link fail, you can configure by policy to automatically fail-over from the WAN to your local broadband. Leveraging the Secure Transport and Any-to-Any VPN capabilities we will talk about later, all this traffic can remain secure, just as it was over the WAN.

QoS: Quality of Service - Prioritizes business latency sensitive critical applications, such as Collaboration, Teleconferencing, VoIP & Video Conferencing. Because no body likes telephone calls that drop out or video conferences that lag.

VPN - With-in the device, there is a built-in Any-to-Any VPN capability, based on a trusted relationship between the SteelHead/SteelFusion devices on your network. In addition to this you can leverage Secure Transport a mechanism that allows you to encrypt all traffic in-flight.